7 Of The Best Marketing Project Management Tools Available Today

There are businesses of every size and complexity, but whether your company employs thousands, or less than 10, each project it undertakes needs to be managed effectively. That is especially true of marketing projects because the consequences of them being poorly managed include no results, poor customer service and worst of all, no return on investment.

What is tragic about hearing about business marketing projects failing due to poor management is that there is no excuse for it. There are several project marketing tools and software which are ideal for managing marketing campaigns effectively. One benefit of many of them is that not only can they be used for marketing project management but also for the management of other projects that are created within your business

To assist you in your search for the ideal marketing software for your business, here are 7 of the best marketing project management tools available today.

#1: Hive

One of the top project management tools of its type because it provides an all in one platform to manage projects and marketing campaigns within the same dashboard. It includes calendars, Gantt charts, planning cards, task assignments, and a chat function. It can also integrate with over 1,000 other tools meaning you can add to its already comprehensive functionality and expand its range of features.