How Google Ads Can Generate An Abundance Of New Clients For Family Lawyers

New clients are essential for Perth family lawyers to keep their law firms profitable. Given the nature of divorce cases, once they are settled, there is usually no need for a divorce lawyer to be retained. At best, a client may need them only occasionally and nowhere near the same extent as when the case was proceeding.

This means that family lawyers must have a means of attracting new prospects who, in turn, become paying clients. Thankfully, there is a multitude of ways this can be done both offline and online. There is local newspaper and radio advertising; larger law firms may even use local TV advertising.

When it comes to marketing online, family lawyers have many choices. These include SEO to rank their website at the top of Google, social media, content marketing, video marketing, and email marketing. Plus, their high review scores and testimonials online can improve their perceived trustworthiness.

One facet of these digital marketing channels is that they are not immediate. Most digital marketing campaigns not only require a reasonable amount of planning and preparation, but they also can take time for results to be realized in the form of traffic, prospects, and, eventually, clients. SEO is the prime example, as it can take several months, but the results can be spectacular when it does bear fruit.

For divorce lawyers who would like to see faster results, the primary means of achieving that is paid advertising, and the one that has been proven to work for countless local businesses is Google Ads. To explain them in simple terms, a business will bid on a keyboard so that if it is searched for and their bid is sufficient, then the business’s ad will appear at the top of Google and above the regular search results.

It is not just on Google that ads can appear. Google Ads is so sophisticated that it will publish ads on websites and individual web pages relevant to specific ads or when someone clicks and lands on a page having entered a relevant search term on Google.

Google’s algorithm and display ads technology are so advanced that they almost seem to follow individuals around the internet and intuitively present them with relevant ads, including those that Google believes are looking for a family lawyer.

An essential aspect of using Google Ads is keyword research. Using one of the excellent keyword research tools available, you can ascertain what people in your local area- including the names of local areas and towns- are entering the search box when looking for a divorce lawyer. You can then have your ad appear each time one of those searches is made.

Another huge benefit of Google Ads is that you can set your daily budget to an affordable level. Unlike some advertising platforms where the fee you pay is the same no matter how large or small your advertising budget is, the beauty of Google Ads is that you set your ad spend limit to what is affordable.

Google Ads also has one of the best analytical dashboards online. This allows you to see what keywords and ad copy generate the most clicks and conversions and then increase their budget. At the same time, you can delete or edit ads that are not performing well.