Deciding Whether You Should Advertise Your Business On Facebook

Many business owners will claim that one of the problems they have regarding digital marketing is that there are so many options and marketing channels available online that they are overwhelmed by the huge number of choices they have. That is understandable and one of the reasons that digital marketing consultants advise that businesses should start by focussing on a few choices such as seo and social media, rather than using too many marketing options.

One of the digital marketing channels which many business owners consider is Facebook and in particular, their paid advertising. This has been known as Facebook Ads for many years although, with Facebook in the process of transitioning its branding, it is now branded under their “Meta For Business” platform.

So, if a business was considering paid advertising on Facebook, what might influence their decision? The first should be whether their business is a type that Facebook Ads allows as there are certain products and services which are prohibited. Examples include firearms, CBD products and adult content.