Why Your Business’s Website Must Have Terms And Conditions

In a world where intent use is growing exponentially, especially after Covid lockdowns and people having no access to friends and family other than going online, we assume most business owners reading this have a website for their business. if not, we suggest you get one designed as soon as possible, because your competition is certain to have one.

For every business that does have a website, just as there is in the offline world, there are several legal obligations that commercial law dictates that you must adhere to online. Should you fail to do so you are opening yourself up to the risk not just of civil legal action from other parties but also fines and penalties being imposed by The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

On the flip side instead of trying to avoid the negatives, your business can gain several positive advantages of having a legally compliant website. By compliant we mean it has the legal pages required by the ACCC and appropriate terms and conditions published within it. By advantages, we mean that visitors are more likely to trust a business that has a compliant website, and it can even help your website rank higher on Google when it sees your legal pages are all in order.