5 Areas In Office Buildings That Attract The Most Germs And Bacteria

Apart from wanting your offices to look as good as they possibly can, one of the other major reasons why you should have your business premises cleaned by professionals is to ensure the health of your staff is protected. By using professional Perth commercial cleaners you can reassure yourself and your employees that the premises you work in are clean and hygienic.

On the point of hygiene, you should be aware that certain areas within your offices are going to attract more germs and bacteria than others. With that knowledge, you can discuss with your commercial cleaning company how best to deal with them. Whether you add a service to your cleaning plan or agree to certain areas of your offices being given additional focus when it comes to disinfecting them, both will be effective.

As for where in your office you should be most concerned about regarding germs and bacteria, here are the five areas that should be the focus of your attention, or rather the attention of your commercial cleaners when they are cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting your offices.

7 Ways To Prolong The Life Of Your Office Carpets, Couches And Rugs

If you have ever had to buy a new carpet, couch, or rug for commercial premises, be it for offices, a retail store, or a meeting suite, then you will know that they are not the cheapest items you will ever buy for your business. Even once you have bought them, you then have the costs of couch cleaning, carpet cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking as good as new for as long as possible.

As with anything of value, how well you look after your commercial carpets, couches and rugs will determine whether you see them last for their expected lifespan or, whether they need to be replaced sooner rather than later. One reason why carpets or couches often do not have a long lifespan is simply that the person responsible for them, such as a business owner or office landlord, does not know anything about caring for commercial couches and carpets.

So, by following the tips below, not only will you keep your carpets in great condition for longer, but you will also reduce how much you have to spend repairing, and ultimately replacing, your carpets and rugs over time.