5 Areas In Office Buildings That Attract The Most Germs And Bacteria

5 Areas In Office Buildings That Attract The Most Germs And Bacteria

Apart from wanting your offices to look as good as they possibly can, one of the other major reasons why you should have your business premises cleaned by professionals is to ensure the health of your staff is protected. By using professional Perth commercial cleaners you can reassure yourself and your employees that the premises you work in are clean and hygienic.

On the point of hygiene, you should be aware that certain areas within your offices are going to attract more germs and bacteria than others. With that knowledge, you can discuss with your commercial cleaning company how best to deal with them. Whether you add a service to your cleaning plan or agree to certain areas of your offices being given additional focus when it comes to disinfecting them, both will be effective.

As for where in your office you should be most concerned about regarding germs and bacteria, here are the five areas that should be the focus of your attention, or rather the attention of your commercial cleaners when they are cleaning, sanitising, and disinfecting your offices.


For offices that have multiple floors and have one or more lifts for staff and visitors to reach the upper floors with ease, they also have an area where the amount of germs and bacteria which can accumulate is high. With individuals entering the lift throughout the day, breathing in it, touching the sides, the buttons, and the handrail, plus the dirt which they may bring in on their shoes, it is little wonder that lifts need cleaning and disinfection frequently.

Stairway Handrails

Any surface which is touched by multiple individuals is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, and that is why stairway handrails are in the top five. Throughout the day people will be holding them or touching them as they walk up and down the stairs, and each individual has the potential to not only spread germs and viruses but also be infected by them as well.


This might surprise some of you but in a workspace where someone might be sat for most of the day, the chances are that some germs and bacteria will accumulate. These chances are multiplied if a desk is used by more than one individual during the day, or if it is a communal desk whereby several people sit around it. Apart from surface germs and bacteria, there are also airborne ones to consider as well, meaning cleanliness and regular sanitation are vital.


It will not be a shock to anyone that one of the prime areas for germs and bacteria to be found are the toilets. Specific areas within the toilet such as the seats, flush handles, sinks, bins, taps, and door handles should be focussed upon whenever the cleaning and disinfecting of the toilets in your office is taking place. Promoting hygiene amongst employees by using signage, for example,  will also help reduce the instance of germs and bacteria in staff toilets being spread.

Kitchen/Staff Room

It is disconcerting to think that the place where food is prepared and eaten is a bastion for germs and bacteria, but sadly it is. Just about everything in a staff kitchen has the potential to attract germs including plates, cups, cutlery, tables, and countertops, especially if they are not cleaned and disinfected regularly. Good practices such as clearing up dropped food immediately and ensuring all waste food is wrapped up before depositing it in the bin, can help.