Follow These 10 Steps To Guarantee A Stress-Free Office Relocation

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Although an office relocation should be seen as a positive step in the evolution of a business, the process by which it happens can be a stressful one. If you are responsible for the move you have everything to consider and plan for including communicating with all parties who have an interest, allocating a budget, and researching and hiring office removalists near me.

One of the issues many have when organising an office relocation is they are not sure in which order each piece of the office relocation jig-saw has to be placed. In other words, they often complete a task before it is necessary, and on the flip side of the coin, they leave some tasks to the last minute, or worse, forget them altogether. To help you avoid these issues, here is a 10-step plan, which should ensure your office relocation’s planning and implementation are stress-free.

Only Relocate If It Makes Business Sense: Never move your business just because you fancy a change of scenery from your office window. Office relocations should only be done if there are genuine benefits to your business of moving premises.

Consult And Seek Input Into The Choice Of New Offices: It is not just you who will be moving. All your management and staff will be too, so seek their input as to what type of office or office location they believe would give your business the most advantages.

Select A Relocation Coordinator Form Within Your Business: Ask one of your employees if they will take on the role of relocation coordinator. This gives you and everyone else a single point of contact and allows for better organisation and planning.

Create A Checklist With Dates Included: A great tool for you and your relocation coordinator is to have a checklist or dairy. These provide you with the means to cross off each task as it is completed, plus it helps with future planning

Research And Select Office Removalists: Possibly the most important step as your choice of office removalists is critical to a successful move. Look for a track record and lots of positive reviews, plus detailed explanations of their services.

Calculate All The Costs And Include Them In This Year’s Budget: At this stage, many of the pieces are in place such as your removalists, so now you should start allocating the budget for them plus new office equipment and furniture, if necessary.

Use The Opportunity To Declutter Your Office: If you have been in your current office for some you are bound to have accumulated many items which are unwanted and no longer needed. Use this time to get rid of them so you can start afresh in an uncluttered new office.

Purchase The Correct Packing Materials And Start Packing: Speak to your removalists regarding packing materials as they can advise you what to use, and also supply them to you. They may also provide a packing service which ensures everything is packed properly.

Ensure Technical And IT Support Has Been Arranged: Most offices use technology such as computers, printers and so on. At your current office and your new office, you need to arrange for this equipment to be decommissioned and installed accordingly.

Create The Layout For Your New Office: This is usually an enjoyable task as you plan the future in your new office. As with choosing that new office, you should seek input and suggestions from your staff as to what they think will be the best layout.