5 Reasons Your Office Ducting Should Be Professionally Cleaned

5 Reasons Your Office Ducting Should Be Professionally Cleaned

You would want to keep your commercial premises clean, such as first impressions for visitors, creating a better working environment and, most importantly, ensuring that the health and well-being of your staff are not compromised. The specific cleaning tasks that are required may range from staff wiping down their computer keyboard with sterile wipes to you employing commercial cleaners to come in and do a deep clean regularly.

One commercial cleaning task many business owners overlook is cleaning their business premises’ ducts. Specifically, we are discussing the ducting that forms part of the heating and ventilation system. The reason it is overlooked varies, with some business owners genuinely forgetting the ducting is there, fearing it may cost a fortune to have the ducting cleaned, and not knowing why it needs to be cleaned.

Now that you have read this, if you are a business owner who has forgotten about the ducting in your business premises, here is your reminder. For those who think it is expensive, we can tell you it is not, even if professional commercial cleaners clean it. And, if you are unsure why it should be cleaned, here are five reasons it should be added to your list of tasks related to cleaning your commercial premises.

Improved Air Quality For Your Employees

The air flowing through the ducting in your heating and ventilation system is primarily what your employees breathe in all day at their workstations. For the health of your employees, you want that air to be as clean and fresh as possible and devoid of mould, dust, allergens, and other contaminants. By having your ducting and components, such as air filters, cleaned and renewed regularly, the air quality for your staff will be high.

Reduction Of Pollution

The air breathed within commercial premises can contain all kinds of pollutants. These can be anything from chemical fumes to exhaust fumes from outside, and each contributes to the overall pollution within the workplace. Ducting, which is maintained and cleaned regularly, can more remove pollutants from the air, making it safer.

Making Your Premises More Comfortable For Staff And Visitors

You want your business premises to be comfortable for staff and visitors when they work for meetings or even a sales negotiation. Ducting which is not maintained will be unable to keep rooms warm when the outside temperature is low or cool when the heat outside is high. Cleaning and maintaining your ducting system resolves those issues.

Making Your Commercial Premises More Energy-Efficient

By cleaning and maintaining your ducting, air blockages are eliminated; therefore, your entire heating and ventilation system will be more efficient. A more efficient system means running costs are reduced, and you are also reducing your business’s carbon footprint by using less energy.

Reducing The Need For Extensive And Expensive Repairs

It stands to reason that anything that is adequately maintained is less liable to break down, and that applies to ducting, too. By cleaning and maintaining your ducting, you are reducing the chances of a fault occurring and diminishing the likelihood that it will need extensive repair work, which would likely cost a significant amount.