Avoid These 5 Mistakes When Running Google Ads

Google Ads

No business that lasts for some time has ever got there without its owner or management making some mistakes. Making mistakes is how we learn, and you can be certain if any of the mistakes made within a business cost it money or reduced its profit, it is a mistake that will not be made again.

Online advertising is where countless mistakes are made, and that certainly applies to Google Ads. Whilst at face value Google Ads is an extremely simple concept (bid the highest on a keyword and your ad appears) being able to get all the moving parts in line, can be far from simple. At least it will be if you continue to make certain mistakes.

To help you we have outlined some of the core mistakes that are made within a Google Ad campaign, and which mean the results that are achieved are poorer than were expected. This means that a business might spend more on ads than it needs to, or get fewer clicks than it should. Here are five of the mistakes we are referring to.

Not Planning Or Running The Numbers

One of the key elements of a successful Google Ads campaign is planning and knowing all the applicable metrics, beforehand. Tasks like checking average CPC for your target keywords, calculating what your maximum bid is and even checking your competitors’ ads for ad copy ideas are but a few of the many ways you can help plan for a successful Google Ads campaign.

Not Optimising Your Landing Page

If someone said to you “Go through that door. What is on the other side is amazing” and you went through the door only to be disappointed by what you find, you would immediately leave. That same scenario is played out every minute on Google Ads whereby an advertiser has a great ad, but their landing page is awful and gives the visitors no reason to remain. So, make sure your landing is optimised and will appeal to those who click through to it.

Not Analysing Your Campaign’s Performance

Google Ads is anything but a set it and forget it process. It is a continual process, because,  to have the best chance of success, and for that success to be maintained, you must analyse the data that Google provides you in your Goggle Ads dashboard. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but once you focus on some of the key data, it will allow you to improve your ads and your campaign overall.

Poor Ad Copy

All the planning and number crunching before and during your campaign will be of little benefit if the ad copy contained within your ad is poor. Your ads are not there to give facts nor to even sell your product directly,  they are there to entice someone to click on them. So, give them a reason to by making your ad copy enticing, appealing, engaging and thus able to sell clicks.

Not Getting Help

Google Ads can seem overwhelming to some and if that includes you, then do not give up just for that reason. You can benefit from Google Ads even if you are not the one who creates them. By using a local digital marketing agency that specialises in Google Ads, for a relatively small fee they will create, publish and manage your Google Ads for you. Your job? Bank the profits that follow!