6 Common FAQs Business Owners Ask About Commercial Lifts

6 Common FAQs Business Owners Ask About Commercial Lifts

Any business owner considering the installation of commercial lifts in any premises they are responsible for is bound to have several questions which they want to be answered. In most cases, some research might answer those questions, and almost certainly, any commercial lift installation company will be happy to answer the questions of a potential client.

What the specific questions about commercial lifts could be, will certainly differ from business to business, however, there are some which are almost certain to come up. To move a step forward to being able to make decisions about a new lift for your business, here are 6 of the most common questions asked by business owners about commercial lifts.

Should I Install A Commercial Lift For My Business?

If your business is housed across multiple floors of the building you are in, or you own a business premises that exists across several floors, then there are several merits of having a lift installed. A lift can add to the value of a commercial property, it makes life for those working in the building easier as they do not have to climb up and down stairs, using a lift is safer than using stairs, and it creates a great impression for those visiting the building, including clients.

How Many People Can Use A Commercial Lift?

It may surprise you to know that when a lift’s information panel states a maximum number of people, this is based on average weight. For example, 18 people weighing 300 lbs each, is the equivalent of 9 people weighing 150 lbs each, so the number of people is less important than the total weight. Another consideration with respect to the lift’s capacity is allowing for ‘personal space’ especially given recent events and the need for people to social distance.

What Level Of Maintenance Do Commercial Lifts Require?

The rules and regulations surrounding lift safety may differ slightly depending on your location, but in most cases the recommendation is that a lift should receive a full inspection at least every 6 months. This has to be undertaken by a qualified enlist engineer, rather than a member of your in-house staff, even if they have a technical background. Many lift installation companies also offer maintenance packages which may also cover one-off repairs.

Are Commercial Lifts Safe?

Despite what you may have seen in some disaster movies, lifts are not in the habit of plunging to the ground. They have multiple safety elements built into them that prevent that from happening. It should also reassure those that have concerns that the chances of being killed in a lift are 1 in 10,500,000 meaning you are more likely to be struck by lightning. Modern lifts also have an emergency alarm and call systems which mean help will soon be on the way.

How Much Do Commercial Lifts Cost?

This is an almost impossible question to answer given the massive diversity of buildings and requirements as to where and how a commercial lift is to be installed. There will also be differences between what individual commercial lift installations companies charge for each lift installation. You likely to be looking at a figure that will start around $40,000 – 50,000 for a fully compliant, professionally installed commercial lift suitable for passengers.

How Do I Start The Process Of Having A Commercial Lift Installed?

Once you have decided that you want a commercial lift for your business premises, the next step is to seek the services of a commercial lift installation company. Ensure it is a company that has a track record with previous clients that have given testimonials and one which will be willing to consult with you before providing a written quotation for the project.