The Risks Of Using Cheap SEO Services

Often when we sit down to write an answer to a question about SEO, we often do not fill the entire page. With the question ‘What are the risks of using cheap SEO services?’ the problem could be that we need multiple pages to answer it. The reason for that is using an SEO agency that does everything ‘on the cheap’ can create multiple issues for your website and in turn your business, many of which are irreversible.

Let’s start with a harsh truth that applies as much to the field of SEO, as they do in any industry. There will always be those who try to cut corners, use dubious tactics, employ high-risk techniques, and do it all for an easy payout. They set their prices low because that is the only way they can hope to compete with professionals in their field.

We are not to saying that all these cheap SEO agencies are dishonest or doing anything illegal, but with SEO, as with any product or service, you will ultimately only get what you pay for. If you pay bottom dollar for SEO services, then do not be surprised if, instead of being at the top of the rankings, you end up at the bottom of them.

With cheap SEO services, the research that takes place is likely to be extremely limited. Specifically, the SEO audit, if it takes place at all, will not analyse many of the most critical SEO factors that exist on your website. Thereafter, any plan which is cobbled together will be severely compromised and lacking any credible actions that are going to make a significant difference to your ranking.

What tends to happen with cheap SEO services is that instead of a unique and tailored strategy for your business website, you will receive a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service, which will be ineffective. Imagine an SEO plan where the same tactics are used whether the website is for a solicitor, an eCommerce business, a local charity, or an art gallery. Each has different objectives, audiences, and levels of competition, so a cookie-cutter approach is doomed to fail for all of them.

If you ever employed a cheap SEO agency, would you really expect the level of customer service to match those of a professional SEO agency? A huge part of an effective SEO strategy is for the company implementing it, to report back regularly to the clients, with progress reports and to respond to the client when they have a query. Some of the best SEO companies even provide a dedicated project manager who oversees it all. Talk to us today

What are the chances of a cheap SEO company doing all that? You are more likely to have phone and email messages ignored, the reporting will be sporadic or vague, and you’re unlikely to have a project manager.

One of the greatest risks you face when using cheap SEO services is that they resort to black-hat SEO tactics. These are the tactics that Google has effectively outlawed. If they come across any of them being implemented in relation to your website, not only will your ranking suffer, but your website is likely to be penalised or removed completely from their search results. As far as Google is concerned, your website will no longer exist, and any traffic you previously were sent from them will be no more.

Recovery from removal is possible, but it can be a long, arduous, and sometimes impossible task, depending on how far down the black-hat road, the cheap SEO company has gone. Even if you do recover, think about how much trust you will have lost, and how much your brand may have suffered when people see that Google has banned you from their search engine.

If you follow just one piece of advice on our entire website, please make it this one: Do not risk your business by using cheap SEO services. It simply isn’t worth it. Get a free website audit