What Services Does A Digital Marketing Agency Offer?

The services each individual marketing agency will offer may differ slightly from company to company but you should expect them all to offer a similar set of core services. The primary one is likely to be search engine optimisation (SEO) which involves a comprehensive strategy and several actions to try and improve the search engine rankings of the client’s company website.

Another core service will be pay per click advertising (PPC), and this is most likely going to focus on Google Ads, although there are other PPC networks. Additional services that can be employed separately, although more likely in conjunction with the above, will be content management, link building, conversion optimisation, and reputation management.

Do I need a blog?
While it is not essential, if you don’t have a blog you are missing a great opportunity to communicate with visitors to your website, create trust with them, and enhance your brand. On top of that, there is also the boost to your SEO that having excellent content on your website in the form of your blog can provide. If you are concerned that you do not have the time or would struggle to come with ideas to write about, then be assured these can both be overcome.

The easiest way to do so is to employ a third party to take care of your content management, including your blog. A digital marketing agency will have a team of writers who can produce high-quality content for your blog on a regular basis, allowing you to get on with running your business.

Is email marketing still effective?
It absolutely is, and in fact, not only is it still effective, if done correctly, it can boost a company’s revenue significantly. One of the reasons for this is that with many email platforms and autoresponder services able to sift out spam and bogus us emails better than ever before, it means that genuine emails have a greater chance of being seen by your email subscribers.

Email is a great way to build trust with your email subscribers and creating a long-term relationship with them, provided that the content you send them by email isn’t a constant stream of sales messages. Company updates, product launches, useful advice, competitions and free ‘give-aways’ are just of the positive ways that effective email marketing can be used.

What is a marketing funnel?
A marketing funnel is the journey along which your customers travel from the first instant they see your brand or product, through and until the point, when they purchase your product or service. Some marketing companies even extend this to where that customer becomes an advocate for your brand. Although the principle points within a marketing funnel may be similar across any market sector, the specifics of each company’s will be different.

For example, building the brand is a universal necessity, but where one company might focus on email marketing to do that, another might utilise social media. This is why using a digital marketing agency to create and build your marketing funnel is so important, so that the key points within it are done in the right way, and the customer journey ultimately brings positive action.

What is inbound marketing?
Inbound marketing is the strategy of providing solutions to your audience, that takes many forms, although it will mainly be high-quality content. These include social media, blogs, online events, branding and SEO. Whereas outbound marketing will look to place a product or service in front of a customer via advertising, inbound marketing seeks to engage the customers, inform them, entertain them and ultimately build a relationship to the point where the customer sees that brand as the only solution.