7 Key Features To Focus On When Searching For New Hosting For Your Removalists Website

7 Key Features To Focus On When Searching For New Hosting For Your Removalists Website

There are several reasons why at some point you might need to look for a new hosting service for your removalists business website. These include:

  • You are a new business that needs hostin\
  • g for its first-ever website.
  • You are an existing removalists business and need a new website designed along with new hosting.
  • You are having a new website designed, but your current hosting service cannot provide the features necessary to host your new site effectively.
  • You are an existing business unhappy with your existing hosting company’s service.
  • You feel the fees charged by your current hosting company are too high and are looking for a hosting option that offers better value for money.

There may be one or two other reasons that you can think of, but the point is, regardless of the reason you are looking for a new hosting service, the choice of your new one needs careful thought. What is key here is that you must bear in mind that the better service and features your new hosting company offer you, the better it will be for your website. More than that, it should enable you to provide a better experience for any visitors to your website.

One example of that is page load speeds. A poor hosting service will not have the capacity or the technology that can guarantee fast page loading speeds. If your visitors start getting fed up waiting for your website to open you will soon lose them, and worse than that, Google will notice this and they will react in the only way they know how, and that is to downgrade your rankings.

To help you further in ensuring the hosting company you choose is one you will be happy with we have outlined below 7 ‘must haves’. In other words, the hosting company you choose must be able to tick each of these boxes with respect to what they offer.

Unlimited Emails: In running your removalist business you will want emails set up for different people and different departments such as ‘sales@’, ‘support@’ and so on. To achieve this your hosting service must allow you to set up unlimited emails accounts.

Ability To Use CMS Systems  Such As WordPress: Whilst WordPress may not be your CMS platform of choice, you at least want the option of it, and the many other CMS platforms that can be used to create your removalists business’s new website.

Unlimited Bandwidth: This is a definite must have. You do not want your website’s page loading speeds hampered whenever more than one person is accessing your website. Whilst unlimited bandwidth might not guarantee it, it certainly helps, plus it caps your costs.

Unlimited File Storage Capacity: As your business and your website grow, you want the capacity to be able to upload files such as images and videos. If you want them stored on your hosting service’s servers, then again, to keep the costs down, you want one which offers unlimited file storage capacity.

Uptime Guarantee: There is not much point in having a website if it is not live as close to 100% of the time as possible. This is where you need to ensure that any prospective hosting service has an uptime guarantee which they can prove.

Scalability: We assume you want your business to grow and in turn that could mean your website grows too in terms of visitors and functions. This is where you want to check that your hosting company has the means to upgrade your service. An example of this would be upgrading from shared servers to a dedicated server.

Proven Customer Service: This is where online testimonials, reviews and even referrals from business associates allow you to check whether the customer service offered by a hosting company is at a level you would be happy with.