What Is An SSL Certificate, And Do I Need One?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it is a digital certificate that is used to confirm and authenticate a website’s identity. It is also used to encrypt information which is sent to the server on which the website is hosted. You can identify a website that has SSL, by looking at the address bar which will have ‘https’ at the front of the URL. A website without SSL will not have the ‘s’ at the end. You should have one because, in these days of data theft etc., Google sees having SSL as important, and it is now a ranking factor.

Can YouTube videos help bring traffic to my website?
Absolutely. YouTube just happens to be the second biggest search engine on the internet so if your product and services lend themselves to video then it can be an excellent source of traffic. Even if you offer an intangible service, such as accounting, or legal services, there is still plenty of opportunities to create informative videos for the sort of questions that get asked.

If your videos are optimised in the correct way, they could not only go to the top of YouTube’s search ranking, but Google’s too. YouTube is owned by Google, and while that’s no guarantee that a video on YouTube will rank well on Google, having a very popular video on YouTube can be.

What is sponsored content?
Sponsored content is written content which a company pays for to appear on the pages of another website in the hope of boosting their brand. In appearance and placement, the content often looks like editorial content that the website has written. The giveaway will often be a small tagline that says, ‘Brought to you by…’, or ‘ Presented by…’ and then the name of the brand who created the content. Social media sites like Facebook have some of the largest sponsored content platforms on the internet.