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Venture Capital in USA – Wichita Technology


Street: 7829 East Rockhill Road, Suite 307
City: Wichita
Province/State: Kansas
Country: USA

Contact Information
Telephone: (316) 651-5900;(316) 684-5640
Business description:

Wichita Technology Ventures, L.L.C., also founded in 1994, is a seed and early-stage venture capital fund managed by Wichita Technology Corporation and funded by Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation (KTEC) and Wichita Area Development. WTV\'s \"seed\" money is usually the first formal money in after founders, friends and family. WTV is looking for opportunities in early-stage high-growth businesses. WTV\'s investment decisions are driven by return on investment criteria and in optimizing opportunities to invest in high growth technologies with committed entrepreneurs located primarily in Kansas. WTV has invested over $2M dollars of seed capital leveraged with $50M dollars from private investors in 23 technology companies representing over 40 patented technologies. These 23 companies represent diverse technology areas such as advanced materials, proprietary manufacturing technology, biotech, broadband and telecommunications, proprietary engineering services and information technology software. WTV\'s investment philosophy is based upon making patient investments of up to five to seven years\' duration, with the goal of realizing annualized rates of return ranging between 30% to 60% upon exit. An average investment would reasonably be expected to range from $25,000 to $200,000. © Wichita Technology

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