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Low Cost (monthly, USD)

No hidden fees. No commissions. On flat fee per month. After the three month introductory offer, you can select the features that you would like to use on the website and only pay for those features.

Included records

Use unlimited text to sell your business. Enhance your ad with spreadsheets and word documents (just upload file with Additional information when you add business for sale)

Included photos

Upload up to 5 photos per listing. Sell your businesses with pictures. Add several photos to attract more business buyers.

Edit ability

Edit your listing at any time and as often as you want.

Confidential and Secure

Sell your business anonymously. Your contact details will not be shown under the business for sale listings. However, under the broker directory, all businesses which you are currently selling, have sold and all investors which you represent will be identified under the full broker directory listing.

Secure server

The Business Place has chosen Comodo SSL Certificate to improve web security. All personal information is store on a secure server.

Broker Directory

The broker package will allow you to have your picture, details of your contact information, summary of all listings of companies for sale, companies sold and investors which you represent. You may display multiple offices. You have the choice of showing the listings by office or by firm name.

Featured listings

You will be able to select any of your listings to be a featured listing. Featured listing can be by category, by city or business area.

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