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Press release for February, 2008

The Business Place Ltd today announced the launch of a significant upgrade to the functions and features of the website. It is faster, more user friendly, easier to use, allows investors, buyers, sellers, brokers, lawyers and accountants to register multiple criteria for searching for a business.

The Business Place is a website that allows investors to register on line to reveal their search criteria for an ideal business acquisition. This includes type of business, location, revenue, EBITDA and the method that you value businesses, such as a multiple of EBITDA. There is no cost for investors for this service.

The investor's name is confidential and their identity is revealed only by using an ID number. It is up to the investor if and when they want to reveal their identity to the potential vendor. The investor can communicate anonymously to the vendor using the email system on the website as often as they wish, as long as the vendor's ad is running on the website. If the vendor's website listing expires, all communication between the investor and vendor will be suspended until the vendor renews their listing.

Sellers of businesses and business brokers may place an ad on the website in order to sell their business. Based on past experience, we found that the more information that is made available to the potential investor, the better the chances are that you will attract more informed buyers since they were able to obtain a good overview of your company before contacting you.

Vendors will be allowed to send emails through the website only when their ad is in good standing. Once your listing has expired, you will not be able to resume communications with the investors until you have renewed your listing.

This is a matchmaking website. There are no commissions payable to The Business Place Ltd, the owner of The Business Place for a successful matching of buyers, sellers or financiers.

Please note that applicable fees may be charged by companies marketing their services through the website such as a bank or venture capital firm or business broker.

These fees are independent of the website. Any such fees must be negotiated directly with the service provider.