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Picking the right franchise
There are many franchises to chose from, which one is right franchise for you to buy?  There are several thoughts on how to pick the right franchise, look at your background and try to utilise all the things that you have learned and to leverage your contacts to make this business successful from the get go.Others say don't look at your background look at your interests and determine the type of training that you will get, the support you need to determine the best fit.


Some people make a good franchisee but not everyone. If you are independent and do not like to follow instructions a franchise will be a terrible experience. A former vice president of marketing has their own ideas and some franchisors do not like to pick candidates with this background. These are people who have their own vision of how things work. Unfortunately their thoughts may not be aligned with those of the franchisor.


A successful franchisor has figured out the best way to run their operation. As a result, those that follow the system, assuming location is good often become successful franchisors.  If you get a person who wants to reinvent the wheel, they will probably run into all the problems that the master franchisor has addressed and successfully avoided.


Many people just want a particular franchise because they believe they can make a lot of money. They do not first determine if they will become a good franchisee. Franchisors have to screen all the candidates to determine if you fit the model of the perfect franchisee. Remember successful franchisors have more applicants than franchises available. You have to sell the franchisor why you are a better candidate than the next person. You need to prove to them why you are the perfect franchisee. Money and being able to afford buying a franchise does not always guarantee that you will make a good franchisee.